Lomotif Music Video Editor App Reviews

180 add

I want to save my video so please help me out

It’s saying cannot decode why the reason I do not know .

Can y’all please let me save my video it keeps saying cannot decade

My lomotif keep saying cannot decade won’t let me save me vid

Music stopes

Every time it gets to the beat drop the sound gets cut of


So I love this app, its simple and you can find various clips and its literally the best thing. But the only thing that is annoying is that I cant control how long a photo/clip is displayed for and would enjoy it if it was added. (Ex: the photo is on for four seconds and than the next one for seven, the clip is on for four seconds then the next for seven, etc) and also when you select a song you want to use you should be able to choose from the whole song, begging, middle and end. Not just the middle. But other than that I love this app but would enjoy it more if these got added.


I love this app I use it to edit most of my photos but I wish they would add new stickers more often other wise FANTASTIC APP!!!

fix it

my lomotif video keeps crashing, fix it please


I made a video & I had accidentally deleted the pictures off of my phone so I went to watch the video to s screen shot them and the video turned black. it wont even play. smh. Im so mad.

New update

I love this app, i use it all the time. It created nice videos and stuff, but the new update had some problems. I cant use any stickers and i cant download the video into my camera roll, it just stops at 13% and says error. Plz fix


I love this app I can use to make like...my own Minnie music video super fun ✌


It allows me to create my video and add music, and even save it, but when I go to save it to my gallery, it stops at 13% and it just stays like that. Can you please fix this

New Update?!

I like this app, I just wish they hadnt taken off the feature that allowed you to remove the watermark for $4.99. Maybe bring that option back? Thanks!

Great... But

Ive always loved this app dearly! But recently I had to stop using it because it started acting weird. For example, when I use some videos (not all) from my gallery and I go to click on it to show what part of the video I want it to show during the lomotif and its just pitch black. Therefore I can not make the clip smaller or bigger nor can I choose what part of the video I want to show. It also does this weird thing where when I click the first or second clip (usually only happens with a video again not all) doesnt show me the video I clicked on but its starts playing the lomotif, I know its probably confusing but its so weird and annoying its hard to explain... Please fix because Ive really been wanting to make a video and this is very aggravating.


Thanks so much for helping me make my edits


It will send to my gallery but it wont let me post it or play it it says wrong format or something fix that ASAP

Fun But Cant Remove WaterMark

I love this app, but there isnt an option for me to purchase a watermark removal... Please help me. Other than that, Its a lovely app ^__^

You guys need to update

So I like using this app a lot and theres always a update but for some reason on my iPhone 6 Plus it takes long to put the videos onto the thing. And I think mines is glitched because it wont let me out other videos except for the same 2 and I deleted the app and redownloaded but it still does the same thing so please fix it because its erking and for now its deleted..


This app is cool..


Whenever it comes to making the lomotif however I want to it goes black and freezes. I deleted and re-downloaded the app several times but it continues to do the same thing. Also its only saying I have 26 photos and videos on my phone

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